Local Search: Professional Help is Advisable

We're preparing to post a series of blogs about Local Search - What it is, why it's important, ect., but I wanted to share an anecdote while it was fresh.  I got this from Tim, our Local Search Expert:

"I am continually working on (a new client's) campaigns and through that work I uncovered an additional 18 duplicate citations on Google alone. Some of them were created by Google and others by someone at (the new client's organization) over the years. All the duplications are hurtful to them because it's providing inconsistency across the board. Most of them don't appear anywhere in relevant search results so they've been hidden from me pretty well, but some extra digging brought them to the surface.
Just another example of how lack of experience or neglect can hurt in the long run."
Local Search is the most important and cost-effective Search Engine Marketing tool available.  That's why we spent so much time and energy becoming Local Search Experts.  and that's why we're making multiple efforts to get the word out.
We'll publish a few Local Search blogs within the next couple months.  Keep a look-out!
Please feel free to share comments or questions about Local Search.  We'll be happy to respond either here or by Email.
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