What to do about Online Harassment

What to do about Online Harassment

The following thoughts are excepts from an article published by PH News Online:
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.....At least one Planned Parenthood office has found a new way to pass the time: harassing nearby pro-life pregnancy centers by posting negative Google reviews.

That’s what three high-ranking employees of Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania were up to Feb. 2, targeting four locations in Pittsburgh with an onslaught of one-star reviews that were accompanied by a message pointing potential clients to Planned Parenthood.

A long-term strategy to help overcome the negative impact is to encourage positive Google reviews from clients and other community members, Tim Stephens of Extend Web Services, which serves over 150 pregnancy help clients, said.

“If you can’t get a negative review removed, your best option is to gather positive reviews to help offset the negative rating,” Stephens said. “These reviews can be written by anyone who has had interaction with your center so long as they aren’t a staff or board member. This is one more reminder of how important it is for a center to be proactive in upholding their online reputation.”

Stephens noted he’s also dealing with a similar issue with one of his clients, where pro-abortion activists have been caught using Facebook to plan an online attack against a pregnancy center by attempting to make changes that include marking the center as permanently closed on the Google Local listing.

Unlike negative reviews, where a Google Local page owner’s options are limited, proposed changes to key information are subject to a Local page owner's approval......

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