The #1 Thing Successful Businesses are Doing Online that You Need to Know

The #1 Thing Successful Businesses are Doing Online that You Need to Know

Local Search Marketing Part II:

Local Search Marketing has hit cyber-space hard and fast, making older marketing methods as ineffective as a phone book. Very quickly, it has become critically important to everyone, including Pregnancy Help Organizations.

As you may know, Extend Web Services recently partnered with the experts at Be|Local on a pilot program in Local Search Marketing. Below are the incredible results of this pilot program, and how you can take advantage of this new EWS service.

Last winter we assembled a team of experts and provided free Local Search services to four locations with EWS websites. We wanted to provide solid evidence that Local Search can help Pregnancy Centers win online—which is vitally important for the cause of life!

In the first month of the pilot program, we were able to get top results - generally #1 - for basic related search terms like “pregnant”, “pregnancy”, “pregnancy help”, etc. That’s great, but our ultimate goal was to win with phrases like “abortion” in the local area. It took a couple months, but I am thrilled to report that most of our pilot program members are winning for nearly every search phrase considered to be critical.

Here are a few screen-shots that demonstrate how Local Search will help you save lives!


For this search in Racine, Wisconsin, Alpha Center is the #1 Local site for the word “Abortion”, and Local Search is higher on the page than any other search type – even Pay-Per-Click! Local Search Pages are almost always featured at the top of the search page, which makes them critically important.

Search results like this will make your phone ring!


In this example, a few Pay-Per-Click ads are listed beside the Local Page featured at the top right. If you look close, you’ll notice Dakota Hope Clinic is featured 3 TIMES at the top of this page. Triple Bonus Points!


Here’s another example of a Local Search Campaign gone well!

We’re also working on CareNet NH’s center in Manchester. Most of their local pages are doing very well for that location, but the Google Local page isn’t registering yet. There are rare times when Google takes 6 - 9 months to activate a local page, and there’s no logical reason for it.

Persistence, Diligence, and Patience is sometimes needed, and that’s what we’re here for.

We’ve been focusing on Google in this article but there are hundreds of Local Search pages, and many of them should be claimed and populated as well. Other prominent Local Search pages include MapQuest, Yahoo, Bing, Manta, Yelp and Facebook!

This has been a very successful pilot program, and it represents an important opportunity for PRCs around the world! If you’re not using Local Search, Extend Web Services is here to help. Most importantly, I hope you take advantage of this new marketing tool! It might be the most valuable thing you can do online.


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