What is rich content? Find out now.

What is rich content? Find out now.

Rich content is a term people hear a lot, and something that is desired in a website. 

Having a website with rich content doesn’t mean that you should throw in all kinds of images, videos, animations or great text content to make it rich. There would be confusion, your website would look busy, and some of it may not even be relevant to your visitor.

Content rich websites are those which offer website visitors valuable detail: text relevant to your clients and/or donors. That content might be: service information; pregnancy help news; survey results; reviews; useful tutorials, or helpful background information.

Your content needs to have good quality and clarity. In order for your text to have good quality, you don’t need big words or big marketing terms. You mainly need your idea to come across clearly and in proper English.

You need to keep in mind who you are speaking to; who you are trying to reach with that specific piece of content. Are you talking to a donor, or a client? Make sure it addresses their needs, that the message and calls-to-action are relevant, and that it is something the reader would want to read. Also consider whether the piece has the right tone and appropriate word choice.

We view a client-facing website as an effective gateway for a woman to enter through and find real-time, face-to-face help. We believe this interaction is, in many cases, irreplaceable.


The donor facing website is to reach current and potential ministry partners, explain services of your pregnancy help organization, provide mission and vision information of your organization, ignite passion, provide success stories and create a financial or volunteer partnership.

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